The Story of Cycle 1000

Co-founders of the event, Dan Hotchkis and Bianca Starcic were inspired to start the ride to help raise funds for the i98fm Illawarra Convoy. The idea began as a ride from Newcastle to Sydney and eventually with lots of discussion, turned into a ride from Ballina to the Dandaloo Hotel. The money raised from the Cycle 1000 event will go towards the Team Dandaloo Boys for the i98fm Illawarra Convoy. The success of the Cycle 1000 is not attributed to one individual. Instead, it is attributed to multiple individuals who work together to ensure that this event happens! Over at Cycle 1000 HQ, we work together as a team sharing ideas, tasks and the passion to make this event a success. When you join and become a part of the Cycle 1000/300 however it may be, you become part of our family, part of our crew and part of an amazing journey that we are certain you will never forget. To see the smiles on those faces when you pull in to the Dandaloo Hotel, it sure makes grown adults cry!

About the Ride

The Cycle 1000 is a charity bike ride from Ballina to Dandaloo Hotel in Kanahooka – 1000 kilometres, with the aim to raise much needed funds for the i98fm Illawarra Convoy then distributed to the Illawarra Community Foundation to disburse funds to ill and sick children and families in the Illawarra. In 2019, we have introduced the Cycle 300, now offering the option to participate in the 2 day event riding 300 kms giving riders more option.

2019 will see the ride in its second year, and our challenging task is for 15 cyclists or more to ride from Ballina to Kanahooka from the 2nd September to 8th September 2019 or participate in the Cycle 300 also.  As many would understand, the physical and mental demands in participating in this kind of event is tough, but we look at the children and families who are doing it extremely tough and it gives us a sense of satisfaction to know that we are helping these families in their toughest times. It really is the least we can do. By choosing to support the Cycle 1000, you will play a huge role in knowing that your money is going to help these families lives and relieve their financial burden. We will put a smile on their faces!!! In 2018, the Cycle 1000 had 7 riders and raised an enormous $44,103.35.

i98fm Illawarra Convoy & Illawarra Community Foundation

i98FM’s Illawarra Convoy has been a much-anticipated community event on the Illawarra calendar since it’s inception in 2005. The i98FM Illawarra Convoy is the largest truck convoy in the Southern Hemmisphere, and one of the largest regional one day fundraising events in Australia. Our Convoy has also receive national recognition winning 10 Annual Australian Radio and Commercial Awards for Best Community Service Project.

The Convoy which was held last Sunday November 18, 2018 raised an astounding $2,000,000! After a first live announcement on air with i98FM’s breakfast team of $1,936,868.70, a call was received in the studio from Bluescope’s Dave Bell, who rounded the figure up to $2,000,000. 2018’s announcement was up from the total funds raised in 2017 of $1,928,492

i98fm Illawarra Convoy

Cycle 1000 2018

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0 riders
0 support crew
0 days
0 flat tyres
0 kilometres
0 hours pedalling
0 gold sponsors
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  • Many contra sponsors

  • Too many men in lycra

  • Too many sore legs and bums

  • Hundreds of children smiling

  • Many families helped

  • Double our initial goal…

AND 2 very excited people to tell you that our FINAL tally for the Cycle 1000 2018 is: